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All of these young horses have been handled daily, will stand in cross ties and have good dispositions. They are outstanding exemplars of the best European blood lines combined with American Thoroughbred blood to create the modern type of lighter, more elegant sport horse.

Please see each page for individual details regarding any of our horses.

anne-l-barlow-ramsay-300pxAnne L. Barlow
Dr. Ramsay’s dream to advance equestrian sport took shape in 1998, when she established a Charitable Remainder Unitrust, funded with $254,000 of highly appreciated Abbott Laboratory stock. She wanted to provide financial backing for a designated horse and rider with a ten-year income stream. She worked with John Boomer, then President and CEO of The Dressage Foundation, to create the Unitrust and put her plan into action. There have been many beneficiaries: 1) Her horse and rider had the support of a ten-year income stream, paid monthly, which ran through 2008; 2) Dr. Ramsay gained solid tax advantages by avoiding the federal and state capital gain taxes on the appreciated value of the stock, and she received a substantial charitable contribution income tax deduction, thereby reducing her income tax payable. 3) The sport of Dressage gains by receiving future annual grants of $25,000, to send American-bred horses to Europe for upper level training and competition. Dr. Ramsay designated The Dressage Foundation as sole, irrevocable charitable remainderman to whom the Unitrust “remainder” was paid in January of 2009. This funding will make these future training grants possible.

AND, there’s a Part II to Dr. Ramsay’s visionary plan: Working with The Dressage Foundation, she created a second ten-year term Charitable Remainder Unitrust, with the same conditions and monetary value, extending the reach of her good training support well out into future years.

The Anne L. Barlow Ramsay Annual $25,000 Grant will be managed and administered by The Dressage Foundation. A Selection Committee comprised of distinguished, experienced Dressage leaders will review the applications, and choose the recipient, subject to the approval of The Dressage Foundation’s Board of Directors. The grant announcement will be made by December 31st of each year.

barbara-cadwellBarbara Cadwell
Barbara says, “I went to my first dressage show as a spectator in 1963 and was hooked!” Since that time, she has become a USDF Bronze and Silver medalist and an L Program Graduate.

Along with her mother, Anne Barlow Ramsay, Barbara owns Annie B Farm. They breed Oldenberg horses such as Feuri, a Westphalen stallion by the legendary Fidermark. She has bred year-end award winners including First Gavotte, Freedom and Whirligig.

Barbara was an active dressage rider and achieved her Bronze and Silver medal. She has also been a GMO member and volunteer for over thirty years. Barbara has scribed extensively, including at Dressage at Devon and the Regional Championships, as well as at local shows. She has been a USDF Participating Member Delegate for many years and currently serves on the By-Laws Committee of USDF and on the Board of Directors of the Dressage Foundation.

Barbara graduated from Northwestern University with a BA in History in 1973. She received her Law Degree from Boston University in 1977 and her LL.M. Degree from New York University. She is currently an attorney in Wisconsin.

If you are interested in any of our young horses, please contact Barbara A. Cadwell at (715) 350-1967 or by e-mail at niezelster@gmail.com.

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